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East Java's Marvelous Waterfalls

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  • East Java's Marvelous Waterfalls

    Bali sure is a very tourist friendly island in Indonesia. But because it is a very tourist friendly, expatriate only know Bali as the only place in Indonesia to spent a long, relaxing weekend. Indonesia got lots of places that are peaceful and serene for you to bond with nature. East Java, five hours drive from Sidoarjo has lots of marvelous waterfalls.

    1. Tumpak Sewu
    Tumpak Sewu means "one thousand waterfalls" in Java language. The name is reflecting the place, because this waterfall got thousands of water flows into the basin from many fine tributaries. This place suits for people who fancy some adventurous trip - because to get here, you will have to take stairs made of wood that is very slippery. But as you can see in the picture, the challenging road will be all worth-it.

    2. Madakaripura Waterfall
    As one of the tallest waterfalls in Indonesia, to reach this place you will have to hike into a deep valley and cross over some rocks. You will also need waterproof clothing and dry bag to keep your gadget safe. It will take two hours of trekking to get to this marvelous waterfall, so you better be a very adventurous person!

    3. Coban Pelangi
    Pelangi means rainbow in Bahasa - because at around 8am, there will be a magnificent rainbow shown in this waterfall. Located in Malang, you will have to walk down for about 1km to reach this marvelous waterfall.

    4. Coban Talun
    Located in Batu, in the village called Dusun Wonorejo, you can imagine how the nature is still pure in this marvelous waterfall. To get here, like any other marvelous waterfall you will also have to walk down a few hills for about 30minutes.

    These marvelous waterfalls are waiting to be explored. But remember, leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but picture, and kill nothing but time.
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    Wow, what beautiful information has been shared in this post, never knew about it before. Next time while visiting Indonesia will must visit east Java. Such a wonderful place for adventure. One must have a thrilling experience over here. Amazing waterfall history lie here, waterfall view is much more interesting .
    Hope to visit this place very soon and have a thrilling experience over here. Keep on sharing about such beautiful places.