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I need help making a few Youtube videos about indonesian warungs

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  • I need help making a few Youtube videos about indonesian warungs

    I have been making a few youtube short productions about Indonesia basically just to show my friends in the US what things are like here.

    So far I just have one about Nasi Goreng gila which can be seen here

    Anyway, my roommate from england moved away, so now its just me, and I need another co host with basic knowledge of bahasa to help make 3 more by mid august. I wanna do one for Ikan Bakar, Gorengan and pecel lele.

    I can do all editing and filming. You just need to come and help be on camera and eat some food at one of these stands and talk about it. If you have interest in this lemme know and we can see what can be done.

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    Seen it, thanks for making videos about Indonesia I really appreciate it.


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      Hello (Jim?), nice video you got there. It's kinda rare seeing someone from outside appreciating the humble warungs we have here... too bad the traffic noise is really loud. I'm glad the taste is to your liking... Is it more like an acquired taste or you just immediately like it? My niece and her husband Ray(Californian) came to visit from the USA, and i think he doesn't quite like Indonesian dishes... even had diarrhea (probably because of the food shock combined with fatigue from the trip). I can probably kill him with Durians on that day...

      A little suggestion about the video, you might want to :
      1. get a microphone for better sound quality or
      2. choose places a lil' further from the main road

      Unless you are seeking fellow expats exclusively, you can pm me if you still haven't found someone to help you make the videos... (i.e. holding the camera, language/translation, etc). Might as well, since it is coming close to Lebaran and I evidently have some time to spare. Cheers and good luck.


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        Something you might want to check out: On a First Media Indoneasian Foodie channel there was a multi episode special about street food in Jakarta (warungs, gerobaks & K5s). It was bi-lingually presented by an Indonesian with American background, and he did visit some nice places and also gave some interesting background. Sorry, don't remember his name.
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          Love your video John but you might want to ditch your spoon/fork and eat with your (clean right) hand.
          True to the warung’s way of eating etiquette: slurping or chewing with mouth open is totally acceptable.
          Belching or burping after meal is a sign of appreciation and satiety and thus music to the chef’s ears.

          I can’t seem to find First Media foodie channel as Pak JStar suggests but I found this funny foodiegrapher by the youtube’s handle “matkiding” (mostly in Indonesian although his sister speaks pretty good English)

          Lastly you should consider taking up Gondrong or Kriting as your new nickname
          Good luck to you and Pak Sand86id for the future endeavor. Break a leg.


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            thanks for sharing the vid
            As for traffic noise, even out here in "quiet" little Ciamis, the only places where the food is any good are right beside a busy road


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              Loved the video! Let us know when you have more.