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Girl Gone International in Jakarta join me ladies!

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  • Girl Gone International in Jakarta join me ladies!

    Hello Ladies!

    My name is Nona and I am with Girl Gone International. I'd like to get a group started here in Hanoi for all of us like-minded, traveling, wanderlusting, international women.

    What on earth is Girl Gone International (GGI)?

    We are one of over 100 groups in hubs all over the world!
    With a strong community of thousands of women around the globe, we exist purely to create events, opportunities and forums to meet and connect with other internationally minded women in English.
    Membership is completely free and open to women living in Hanoi.
    We organize ourselves and our many frequent, fun, diverse events via our free interactive, member-only sites, here on Meetup and on Facebook.

    I was involved in Girl Gone International (GGI) when I was living in Bangkok,Thailand and loved it! So thought, why not bring this great group to the wonderful ladies ofJakarta?

    Let's combine our forces and unite. For starters, we will have one event a month, so we can get to know each other here and welcome newbies who have just arrived. We have all been a newbie and know how hard it is to get acquainted to a new city. This will be an open and clique-free zone where every woman feels welcomed.

    Help spread and share and get your friends to join as well.

    Looking forward to meeting and seeing you lovely international women of Jakarta
    Your Community Manager,
    Jakarta | Girl Gone International