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    Dear readers,

    I'm working for one of foreign bank in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    We have special channel within the organization to sponsoring various expatriate event, what we need is social,networking, fund raising, or gala dinner type of events with attendees approximately ranging from 300-500 persons.

    In return of our financial support, what we ask is you give us a small space to open booth for us to sell our consumer product.

    Please let me know if you have any kind of information regarding the expatriate event in Jakarta, or perhaps your area of residences (apartment) have many expat live there so I can gain a lot of attention too.

    I could also help to process your application if you need credit card, as long as the documents related are provided.

    You can reach me through my email at [email protected] for fast response.

    Best regards,

    C. Hongky Dinata

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    You can find information on many expat community organizations here -
    Danielle Surkatty
    Member of the Organizing Committee
    Living in Indonesia, A Site for Expatriates

    Living in Indonesia Expat Forum


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      Originally posted by wm View Post
      You can find information on many expat community organizations here -
      thanks wm for your suggestion

      I've checked the website before, but I can't seems to get through them, most of the community looks like a bit exclusive for outsider to approach.

      If you or your colleagues interested to apply for credit card please let me know i can help you get one
      or if you held an event that in need of financial sponsor or know one

      thank you so much for your kind reply