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Mosque Speakers Limited to 100 Decibels

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  • Mosque Speakers Limited to 100 Decibels

    Title : About communist descendants and mosque loudspeakers
    By : Kornelius Purba (The Jakarta Post) , April 6, 2022

    [...It requires the courageous Indonesian National Military (TNI) chief Gen. Andika Perkasa and Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas to end the long-standing controversy surrounding communism and mosque loudspeakers...While Andika leads more than 400,000 soldiers, Yaqut is a former chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama youth wing Ansor and its paramilitary group Banser...

    On his official YouTube channel uploaded on March 30, Andika left several military officers stunned in confusion when the general ordered an end to the 56-year-old ban on descendants of PKI members joining the TNI. Andika made the decision when he presided over a meeting to discuss the recruitment of TNI cadets. When Col. Dwiyanto briefed the general that the ban was in line with the Provisional People’s Consultative Assembly Regulation No. 25/1966, the general interrupted. According to Andika, the decree only stipulates the banning of the PKI and communism. “What is the legal basis of the ban [on descendants of PKI members]? Do not [make up rules]. I am a law-abiding person,” Andika said as he ordered the removal of the ban. When he was the Army chief of staff, Andika ended the decades-long “virginity tests” for female students enrolling in the TNI recruitment program...

    After the fall of Soeharto, the government formed a special team to review history textbooks regarding the circumstances of the coup attempt blamed on the PKI on Sept. 30, 1965. But the revision was later dropped because the opposition was so strong...

    Yaqut is no less controversial with his signing of a circular letter on Feb. 18 concerning guidelines for the use of loudspeakers in mosques. The guidelines limit the volume of mosque loudspeakers to 100 decibels. The policy quickly sparked anger, and to add insult to injury, he compared the voice of adzan to loud dog barks. The minister’s concern is widely shared by many Indonesians, even Muslims. When serving as vice president for the first time, Jusuf Kalla also unveiled a plan to regulate the volume of mosque loudspeakers, but to no avail...

    Aside from making headlines, Andika’s and Yaqut’s unpopular decisions may not affect the status quo. But their guts to fight the establishment deserve appreciation. They did it certainly for the good of the nation.]