Bribery, Sextortion For Public Services Rampant

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  • AntiUtop1st
    According to the 2020 Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) launched by TII, the level of bribery for public services in Indonesia ranked as the third-highest in Asia, following India and Cambodia. It's disheartening to learn that around 30% of the respondents admitted to paying bribes when accessing public services, even though there was a slight decrease from the previous GCB report in 2017.

    Addressing this issue is crucial to ensure fair and transparent access to public services for all. It's essential to implement measures that not only hold those involved in corruption accountable but also create a system that actively discourages such practices. Additionally, finding effective ways to get rid of blackmailers is of utmost importance in eliminating their influence and protecting individuals from being exploited.?

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  • abdulhadjar
    I recently came across some concerning findings from a survey conducted by Transparency International Indonesia (TII) regarding bribery and sextortion for public services. The survey revealed that many Indonesians have either admitted to bribing public officials or experiencing sextortion while accessing public services within the past year.

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  • YasminHorne
    Hey guys, I just read this article about bribery and sextortion in Indonesia and it's disheartening to hear that this is still a major issue. No one should have to bribe or be subjected to sextortion just to access basic public services. It's important to fight against corruption and hold those responsible accountable. While it's not a direct solution, being aware of the tactics used in bribery and sextortion can help prevent these crimes. Check out for some tips and info on how to stop these practices. Let's work together to create a more fair and just society for all. #SayNoToCorruption #StopSextortion

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  • marcus
    I am already more than 20 years in Indonesia , and from what I heard from some Indonesians are :

    - similar behavior is being practiced by public school teachers/employees (students' parents being pressed to pay for unnecessary trips to other cities , obliged to buy school's uniform , parents being told there is no vacancies when in reality there is/are , ...) ,

    - in some cases the people themselves choose to pay "extra" fee for easily getting the documents they need (sometimes without the total required documents) ,

    - Government officers sometimes intentionally require more documents (and/or actions) than necessary , inducing people to bribe .

    Some Government Departments started to offer online services (one of the reasons is probably to avoid bribery) but in some cases the procedures are also more difficult than necessary .

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  • GwendolynPineda
    The time has come to understand how to avoid being blackmailed.

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  • Bribery, Sextortion For Public Services Rampant

    From (04 Dec 2020)
    The Jakarta Post
    Title : Bribery, sextortion for public services rampant in Indonesia: Survey
    By : Budi Sutrisno

    [Many Indonesians have admitted to bribing public officials or experiencing sextortion when accessing public services in the past year, a recent survey conducted by antigraft organization Transparency International Indonesia (TII) has found. On Thursday, TII launched the 2020 Global Corruption Barometer (GCB), which observes public opinion on corruption practices in Asia from March 2019 to September 2020, involving 20,000 respondents from 17 countries. In Indonesia, the survey involved 1,000 respondents from 28 provinces, with data collected between June 15 and July 24.

    The results found that the level of bribery for public services in Indonesia was the third-highest in Asia, after India and Cambodia. The level was at 30% , falling insignificantly from 32% since the latest GCB in 2017. Three in 10 Indonesians admitted to having paid bribes when accessing public services ...]
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