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living in Yogyakarta with family

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  • living in Yogyakarta with family

    Hello I'm Italian married with Indonesian woman and have 3 children. At the moment we are in Italy but planning to move back to Indo, we used to live in Batam (my wife's origin place) but I'm not too willing to go back there and was thinking how could be Jogja unstead for living with a family. would like to precise that I work online so location is not a problem, just my concern on how would my kids grow there and its environment.. would appreciate any kind of opinion or suggestion..

    many thanks

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    I don't know Yogyakarta , but from my experience living in many places , I think that sometimes it also depends on the area of a city you choose , the type of the house/apartment you choose , the friends or enemies you make , ... To me it has been very difficult to find an ideal place , I just can say that my place now is the best I have tried so far .

    Adding to that , I once had a bad experience buying an apartment that later found I didn't like it and took me a long time to sell it (had to sell it very cheaply) .
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