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  • Speech Therapy Service

    I serve Speech Therapy for your children.
    Please contact:
    [email protected]

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    Because the link above does not show a real location address and it is not clear that the services are provided by Indonesians , I want to alert interested people that anybody (Indonesian or foreigner) who directly hires services in Indonesia provided by foreigner(s) would be committing a crime (Up to 5 years in jail + up to Rp500 million fine) .

    The legal way to hire services provided by foreigner(s) is dealing through a PT company/hospital/clinic which must sponsor the foreigner(s) for Work Permit + work KITAS specific to do such services .


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      I am Speech Pathologist. Graduate from Council On Academic Accreditation.
      My member is PH - 990774 - SLP.
      I am now doing as Speech Therapist home visit around Jakarta area.



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        Finally there seems to be something happening on-line in Indonesia in regard to speech therapy.

        Whereas I have resolved the issue that I had several years ago, I occasionally get contacted by people in Central Java or other Javanese provinces concerning their children's speech delay.

        Thanks to IKATWI there may be solution. Also JIH (Yogyakarta International Hospital) or Ring Road Utara in Yogyakarta has recently initiated services in this regard.

        You can find link contact numbers of both online. Please post about your experiences so there is a database that other people can use. If you are experiencing speech delay in a loved one, remember you are not alone. We can assist one other, even anonymously.