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  • gmanindonesia
    • Mar 2023
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    Wife left Indonesia

    To make a long story short... I live in the US and I married in Indonesia. My wife left Indonesia and now lives in Egypt. It doesn't feel right that she should be allowed to do this. She has my child, I wanted her to work in her country and I would help provide for a place to stay. I want her to live in her country because it is her homeland and I don't want to live with her in Egypt. This made our relationship complicated and very difficult. Is what she doing legal?
  • marcus
    • Jul 2008
    • 9247

    Originally posted by gmanindonesia View Post
    ...Is what she doing legal?

    I am almost sure it is legal because I don't know any Indonesian Law/Regulation that says this is illegal .

    I am not a lawyer but I know most of basic Indonesian Laws/Regulations and have been living in Indonesia for more than 23 years .

    It is worth saying that your marriage situation allows your wife to divorce you without you being notified .