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Marrying in Indonesia without family consent

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  • Marrying in Indonesia without family consent

    Basically, the title. My Indonesian girlfriend and I would very much like to get married, and I am going through the process of obtaining, translating and legalizing the certificate of my marital status from my home country - we do not have an embassy in this country, so the process is quite a lengthy and costly one, and I considered it to be our main roadblock - notwithstanding my faith, which apparently can be dealt with by me converting to Islam.

    Then a new development hit - my fianc?e?s family came out strictly against her leaving Indonesia and refused to cooperate with us on marriage. Frustratingly, according to my girlfriend and the KUA, there?s no way to get married without the presence of the bride?s male relative (since the father is deceased that would be her elder brother). In addition, apparently we need the mother?s ID card to prepare some paperwork for the bride. Both of them are vehemently against the bride leaving the country in the future.

    So does anybody know if it really is impossible for a consenting Indonesian (Muslim) woman to get married if the family is against it? Again, a KUA official told us ?not possible? but I was wondering if he simply fell back on shariah and there was some civil procedure we could go through? Maybe someone had similar experience? All advice will be greatly appreciated!

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    Sorry , I don't know . I could look for the answer , but in your specific situation I preffer not to because if I was her brother I also would not recommend her to marry and live in another country .