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Post Nup getting a mortgage with a indonesian Bank

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  • Post Nup getting a mortgage with a indonesian Bank


    I was wondering if there is someone, that already have post nup agreement and recieved a mortage with a indonesian bank?

    we ask bri bank for our options if we would have the post nup agreement, bank reply that they dont recognise the agreement, so they could not help us with a mortage, anyone have experieance with this

    thanks nol

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    I talked to an Indonesian Law university student , and he said that in Indonesia , a Constitutional Court's decision is not automatically applicable , so I guess this is why the bank is not accepting your post nuptial agreement (supposing your's was based on the recent Constitutional Court's decision) .


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        Thanks for the information, it's useful for everyone.


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          Nowadays I have heard that post-nup agreements are becoming common , so it may be a different story now .

          In relation to a mortgage , I foresee another problem . As the post-nup mix marriage couples make are usually about separation of wealth , in case the property is in the name of the Indonesian spouse and he/she does not have an income , I don't think the bank will agree .