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Happy divorce in indonesia without wife

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  • Happy divorce in indonesia without wife

    Hi all,
    Im new in this forum and i would ask about some informations on devorce process. I did marry with my wife in 2011 in Magelang city, Jawa Tengah, with muslim way. We did move to Italy before 2012 and report the marriage. At the end of 2013 we broke up because she did try my best friend... really the best one.
    "Luckily" she did realize her wrongs and then we having an happy devorce process, quite slow and boring but flowing good even if i have to pay all the procedures, but at least out of this she will not ask me any money. Till now we did make legal separation here in Italy and now waiting for the next 6months for process the real devorce. So in here there will not be any problems, but in Indonesia looks more complicated.
    My new girlfriend is from Jogjakarta and we planning to get legal marriage the next year (muslim way already done), for this i have to devorce also in Indonesia. The problem is that my wife now doesnt wanna get back to Jawa, so i will be alone. Will it be possible to process the devorce without her? She said will be disponible for any documents required. She lost her buku nikah also, but mine still available. I really have no idea on how to start... and i dont want search for a lawyer because the prices are crazy if for foreing. Me and my new girlfriend will try to do everything by ourselves, just hope if will be possible and not too much complicated..
    Thank you all for your attention, i will be glad if someone can help me.

    Terimakasih semua, maturnwoon!

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    a) First thing to do for a divorce in Indonesia is to read the legal reasons for a divorce and choose one to be in the divorce request (see references below) .

    Then you go to the "Pengadilan Agama" (Religious Court) to request the divorce (I guess you will need to do it at the city where you married or in the city where your wife had her last KTP ?) . There you fill a request form (in my city it is named "Data untuk Mengajukan Cerai Talak/Gugat") and an officer will also ask some questions . It seems the "Talak" way is easier/cheaper . To officially start the process , here in my city one has to pay a fee in a bank (here it was Rp500'000 , probably if one says he/she is poor .

    After few weeks of you officially submit the divorce request , the Court will send a letter to you and to your wife , requesting you two to come to the Court in a certain day in order to ask if you two agree or not . I suppose that at this point , your wife can send a letter stating that she agrees or give a Surat Kuasa to someone (to represent her) or just not come to the Court . If she doesn't come to the Court , the Court will probably send some other letters (2 more times ?) , some 2 weeks apart , for her to come and if she still doesn't come I think you get the divorce anyway .

    After the judges decide for the divorce you can get the "Akta Cerai" (Divorce Certificate) within around one month and you will be asked to pay around Rp300'000 more .

    b) Instead of an Indonesian divorce , you could first try to "validate" your Italian divorce certificate in Indonesia's "Pengadilan Agama" .

    ------------------------------------ (about divorce)

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