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Indonesian - Dutch marry in indonesia?

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  • Indonesian - Dutch marry in indonesia?

    Hi folks.
    my name is pitri .
    I want to ask if there is any people who married with dutch guy in indonesia?
    Im confused about the requirements please,
    I was reading in NL EMBASSY WEBSITE , but got confused.

    What he should prepare and bring from the netherlands?
    is there anything else? like Letter from IND that he wants to marry in indonesia? Like surat pengantar ?
    thanks alot

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    I went through the same, here is what I needed:

    - Passport with valid visa (VOA is ok)
    - Birth certificate (In my case they did not ask for official translation, but maybe in your case they need official translation)
    - "Letter of non-impediment" - He can get that from dutch embassy in Jakarta. This one is very important and must have. Any similar letter from Netherlands will not be valid here.

    VERY IMPORTANT: You also need to go to notaris together before the marriage and make a Prenup, which says that any land or property you jointly buy in Indonesia only belongs to you (the indonesian wife). Otherwise you can never legally buy any property after you are married.

    Also, forget about what you read on their website or what they tell you, they will tell you lots of nonsense. Like in my case, the indo embassy (in Belgium) told me I need SOSBUD visa, letter of good conduct from police and many other things. All not true.

    If you want to be sure, don't rely only this forum. Go to your KUA or Catatan Sipil where you will do the marriage, and ask them for what paperwork they need. Then there will be no surprises later.

    If you want to register your marriage later in the Netherlands, let me know. It is a very annoying procedure, but I did it and know how.

    Good luck! Getting married here is very easy, don't let anybody tell you anything different.


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      hi, thanks alot for ur reply . Maybe we can keep in touch , in case i need your help? i will pm you


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        Pitri, I am happy to help you via PM on things that are personal, involve your name or kota etc, but is better you ask your other question here in the forum, so my answers (and the answers from other experienced members) can also help other people with same questions in the future.

        Also, I got married in 2012 and maybe some things have changed a bit since then, so if I tell you something wrong here in forum, there is a good chance that somebody will correct it :-)