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My son's Passpor RI application problems NEED AN AGENT!

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    Hi Giles,

    You can use this my recommendation agent. This is based in Tangerang immigration.

    I can send you the contact info by PM.



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      Originally posted by gttmt View Post
      Thanks for stating the obvious Jaime. It seems the "right way to do it" is in fact paying someone to get it done. I don't know of anyone who has never used an agent when in need.
      Actually the right way is doing it more in advance. Especially when it is almost Ramadan, dealing with daily quotas, etc.

      I had both of my daughter's passports before we ever travelled. If you know when you're going somewhere, a more prudent schedule is smarter.

      Sorry you're having problems, but it seems to be a self inflicted injury.
      Sasa Bule is having a bayi!


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        Originally posted by gttmt View Post
        they are now saying that it will take 14 working days to get my son on the family card, without that we can't process his passport. Problem is, we are due to leave Jakarta on 10th July. Maybe shouldn't have left it till last week to try getting his passport sorted.

        If only we had an agent to sort all this, would be happy to pay for the service.
        You can email my reference agent in Tangerang at [email protected]

        Yes,one of passport doc required is family certificate. So, you should arrange to include ur son name in ur family certificate in Kelurahan.


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          thanks guys, it's all sorted now. Just a massive ball ache as they don't want to follow procedures that is clearly stated on the forms. I bit of raised voices and persistence pays off. Gladly don't have to go through this again. Or at least till I start looking at getting his British passport.


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            I do have a contact to an agent if you want. He helped me with my husbands voa before and his visa stuff. I can give you his contacts if needed.