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Need help about Prenup as fast as possible

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    Here's an update...
    Finally I got my prenup legalized by the catatan sipil.
    They didn't care about my religion, just about my money...
    The fee was 600'000...
    But the important thing I have now everything I need, and the corrupt "pegawai negeri"s in north sumatera will not get any single rupiah more from me...


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      which Catatan Sipil?

      [FONT=century gothic] [FONT=georgia] This sentence is a lie[/FONT][/FONT]


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        Originally posted by KedaiKopi View Post
        which Catatan Sipil?
        I don't really know which one it is because it's my wifes grandma which went there... It's about 1 hour from Medan to the west.


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          Update: After almost one week they called my wifes family to pick the prenup up from the catatan sipil.
          But they DIDN'T legalized it!!! They said that they are not able to legalize it because the prenup is made between a WNI and WNA.
          At least they gave the IDR 600'000 back.
          My wifes family tried everything to get that prenup legalized by the KUA or Catatan Sipil but it seems impossible.
          They already went to different KUA's in the region and also went to the main KUA in Medan but nobody was able to help.

          Maybe I should just give up and hope that there wont be any problem if I buy or sell land with my prenup.

          Does someone has experience selling land with a prenup which is not legalized by the KUA or Catatan Sipil?
          Or is there any "udang-undang" about legalizing prenups?


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            As has been stated before if your prenup was issued by a registered notaris its already a legalised document - KUA and Catatan Sipil have nothing to do with prenups.
            If you really believ it has to be further endorsed then go back to the notaris that issued it and get them to issue a supporting letter "legalising it"

            I think youre being led on a wild goose chase mate - we have bought and sold numerous properties and our prenup has not been "legalised".


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              Thanks ScooterIndo
              So I will just led my prenup as it is...