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    A quick divorce and a prolonged marriage process. There's a message in there I think.
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      The OP's pronouncements seem to turn on the comments of the thread; rather convenient that the quick divorce option so suddenly materialized after heaps of cart-horse criticism. 30 day divorce especially when the parties are in far flung jurisdictions -- highly unlikely, even if uncontested.


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        OP's is right. Decree 4436 of November 28, 2005 makes possible a divorce procedure to be surprisingly quick and easy, if both partners are in agreement and there are no children involved. This can be done before a notary public, not even involving a family court judge.

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        El ABC del divorcio en Colombia
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          It's not like it's the first time an itinerant foreigner who chances on Indonesia gets a local woman pregnat while married in another jurisdiction. I recently became aware of an old colleague who got an Indonesian artiste pregnant. I was told that the man quit his job so he could cash in his pension, and had to travel to Ecuador for some sort of quick divorce. His extant marriage was in Canada so I don't quite understand why he went to Ecuador. I joked that he had become the Julian Assange of the Indonesian wedding saga.


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            Originally posted by Jerryken View Post
            my indo gf agreed with me to marry her in batam or pekan baru where her family lives
            she also agreed to come live with me in belgium, what will i need to legalize my wedding in belgium ?
            right now im busy with the divorce, will take some time but there is a law from 2005 where i can request an express divorce it will take max 30 days
            I think you'd need to go to the Belgian embassy in Jakarta to get a confirmation that you are free to marry