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need advice about visa and KITAS.....Cheers all :)

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  • need advice about visa and KITAS.....Cheers all :)

    Hello there.....

    Heyy, im Indonesian and hav foreign husband (UK). He has social budaya visa now....but just have 1 free month to stay here, actually now we are in proccessing to make KITAS....still in 40 % step maybe.

    i confuse about the time for my husband living here. I doubt if we can Permits before the visa runs out. Because i heard info, that KITAS is finished in 2/3 months later.....whereas, my husband just have 1 month to be here.

    So, how is the best+safe way to my husband in order that can stay here till he gets KITAS???

    or, should we make renew visa before we get KITAS??

    and, is it true if my husband couldnt work in Indonesia...although he is my husband and has KITAS?? actually, im working in Jakarta but my husband lives in Jogja....

    Really, this is new situation and a lil bit complicated proccess for us.....doing many procedures in Immigration...

    Thank You for All,

    warm regards

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    You can get the KITAS in about one month if all required documents are ready . You can do it up to just after getting the 4th extension of the Sosial Budaya Visa (Sosbud Visa) . After that it is better to get another Sosbud Visa . I believe that for the KITAS you should present only one address for the 2 of you .

    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...2841#post72841 , (post no.128 , example of converting Sosbud into KITAS)

    This KITAS sponsored by you is not enough for him to work . To work he will still need a work permit . The usual way is to get an employer first , and then the employer must provide him with the work permit & KITAS , both sponsored by the employer , although it is possible to get a KITAS sponsored by you + a work permit sponsored by the employer .