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Ways to increase your Engagement on Social Media

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  • Ways to increase your Engagement on Social Media

    If you want to increase Social media engagement, be engaged. Like most people, social media users don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Start by giving before you expect to receive.

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    According to the link you provided : "...Engaging with your followers by posting new content...Engage by sharing content that is relevant...content that you can share...

    Unfortunately nowadays the most used social media websites/apps are mostly for entertainment , mainly to show : funny videos , beautiful photos , gossips ,...People in general are not concerned about information to improve knowledge about our : work , health , finance , pollution , global warming , politics ,...

    Fortunately we also have serious websites where we can find these relevant information .

    And by the way , from my experience , in my view , serious websites :

    - don't use this "followers" idea ,

    - provide mostly text/written information (which by the way generate HUGELY LESS pollution and cost) ,

    - don't pay ordinary people who provide the information (in general I can't believe much in an information provided by somebody who makes a profit on it) ,

    - many are government's/non-profit organizations' websites ,