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    Is it a one-on-one focus why we need online tutoring?

    There is no doubt that teaching has become a difficult task in the modern age. Moreover, this difficulty is for both the teachers as well as the students. With the increase in student demand as well as the teachers to teach them, we have lost the importance of education. The true meaning of education is to impart knowledge to the students considering their calibre. In other words, it is about inserting things into one’s mind considering his aptitude. But in a modern classroom, it is 200 seats, mics for teachers, and a tutor hanging over multiple blackboards. Now how can you consider the special focus for each of the children? 

    For this, long ago tutors developed the method of physical coaching in houses, coaching centres, as well as a home tuition. But modernly, since everything is going online, there is a need to consider the effects on teaching too. Now tutors are shifting to the online mode of teaching for saving expenses on fuel, travelling, as well as time consumption. Now they can easily hold an online class. But the best thing about online as well as physical evening coaching is that the students get special attention from the tutor. This enables them to visualize and understand where their student’s weakness and strength lies and which areas they need to focus on. And this method of teaching is becoming successful ever since.