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Learning spoken language without a teacher

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  • Learning spoken language without a teacher

    Hi all, my wife and I tried to learn Indonesian language and spoken language the hardest.

    So I have created the learning application 2Speak and it is an easy way to speak foreign languages without a teacher and artificial intelligence will evaluate your pronunciation.

    The most important feature of the learning application is that you no longer need a conversation partner: Google AI will vocalize the phrase in the desired language, and then evaluate the pronunciation and show the error if any.

    I think it will be useful in language learning as fluent experience is the hardest to get. It's also suitable for kids: it have Kids mode for certain common words.

    Application is available by the link:

    If you have any question or need any help with application - send me a message, I will try to help you asap

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    Learning spoken language without a teacher is considered to be hard since working on anything without the help of an expert but you can do it by devising a lesson plan for yourself which would help you a lot since planning in advance actually makes a lot more difficult tasks easy for the person, or there’s also another shortcut which is feeling empowered that you have entire control over the task that you want to fulfil. Being motivated and empowered helps a lot because the mind makes it easy for a person to learn and especially this works in the case of learning spoken language.
    I can share some of the blogs for helping material which will be helpful for you in future. You can see this blog and learn different styles of learning it will be better for you & your child if you follow these steps.