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Education Online: From Novelty to Necessity

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  • Education Online: From Novelty to Necessity

    From , April 2020
    The Jakarta Post
    Title : Getting a quality higher education online: From novelty to indispensable necessity
    By Gerald Ariff , PHD in Strategic Management

    [ ... Fifteen years ago, a small primary school in rural South Korea started using cute robots to teach its students English, with ... tutors from the Philippines remotely accessing the robots in real-time. Then, as it is now, the prospect of city-dwelling expats teaching small groups of children in remote communities was unpopular as well as uneconomical for the institutions concerned ...

    In 2011, the late Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen predicted 50% of US universities will close or go bankrupt by 2026 due to a combination of: a broken business model of traditional universities, lack of economies of scale, complexity of higher education operations, declining pool of 18-year-olds and disruptive innovation of online learning .

    Michael Horn, co-founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, observed that student enrollments in accredited US universities had shrunk consistently since 2010, while enrollment in online learning continues to rise ...

    By the end 2018, nearly 20 percent of US students were enrolled in mostly online degree programs ...

    ... the US National Center for Education Statistics trends confirms ... : 528 universities (or 12%) ... were closed between 2000 and 2018 ...]
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