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  • Budget Smart Watches with NFC Support

    The presence of NFC-module in wearable electronics is not a guarantee of the work of contactless payments. Fitness bracelets that have the coveted chip are also not suitable for this. The situation is well known to users of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 NFC.

    One module is not enough. We also need support for Google Pay, and this electronic payment system is compatible only with wearable devices on the operating wear OS from Google or other software developed on the basis of Android.

    It is possible to use other systems, but they must support MasterCard and VISA money transfers, such as, for example, in Garmin Pay. But you need to make sure of this. Before buying, it is advisable to read the reviews and reviews of the accessory of interest.

    Chip for contactless payment is not put in an inexpensive model. Smart watches with NFC-module. We have collected the most affordable models with the cherished chip, which you can pay for purchases in Russia.

    Apple Watch Series 3, 38 mm

    In this watch from Apple, there is no ECG metering function and drop detection, as in the last generation, and yet, the accessory is still liquidated. He still analyzes the user's pulse in detail. In the settings you can set the frequency at which the clock will report heart palpitations.

    The main feature of the AW Series 3 is eSIM support, which makes the smart watch rafiqsonsonline(.)com/product-category/smart-watches/ an independent mobile device. We have virtual sim cards are not supported. But you can receive calls from your smartphone and answer via the built-in accessory microphone. There are no complaints about the sound.

    Supported by Siri voice assistant, you can respond to messages without reaching the phone, just dictate the text to the assistant. The screen is bright, comfortable to use a clear day, the colors are saturated. Autonomy is high - the clock works from one and a half days.

    The unobvious advantage of the AW Series 3 over its competitors is the availability and variety of straps. You can easily customize the look. Any device annoying over time, and this is a good way to revive interest. It is important that this model is also suitable straps from AW Series 4 40 mm.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

    New budget model of the company. If the analysis of sleep and pulse is no longer surprising, then the recognition of stress - an infrequent opportunity. Smart watches from Apple and Samsung are famous for it, here the function is present. The device will notify the user when he is very tense, and will recommend a rest.

    Galaxy Watch Active does not work on Wear OS, but contactless payments are still supported in Russia. The operating system of the Tizen OS device is compatible with the company's proprietary system - Samsung Pay. It turns out, it is possible to pay for purchases for hours only if you have a Samsung smartphone.

    The design does not match the time - the frame is too wide for 2019. The screen quality is bright, saturated colors. Another of the minuses can be called a meager range of applications in the company store. The rest is a worthy device to monitor health and not to get the smartphone out of your pocket once again.

    Ticwatch pro

    This watch is equipped with a dual-layer display - AMOLED and FSTN. This is necessary to save energy, depending on what is displayed on the screen. The accessory works in three modes: sleep, smart and hybrid.

    The rest of the watch is also not disappointing. There are gyroscope, accelerometer, light sensor, heart rate monitor, pedometer, magnetometer. From the clock you can receive calls. Microphone sensitive, loud speaker. The operating system is Wear OS, the Google Pay payment service is supported.

    Externally, Ticwatch Pro look like a mechanical watch. On the case there are two buttons, not one. The case is protected from water and dust according to the IP68 standard. However, the manufacturer does not recommend swimming with them, washing hands and taking a shower.

    With autonomy order. Here are several modes of operation, while saving energy, a monochrome dial appears on the display, in this state the watch works up to 30 days without recharging.

    Smart watches do not recognize the user on biometric data, contactless payment works on the principle of a debit card. To transfer the amount of more than 3 thousand rubles will have to enter a PIN code, less than 3 thousand rubles - just bring the device to the terminal.

    Smart watches can be paid without contact, unlike fitness trackers. But you need to be careful and follow before you buy, so that the operating system supports Google Pay or Samsung Pay. If a payment system is built into the watch, make sure that it supports MasterCard and VISA money transfers. If you have an iPhone, then only Apple Watch is suitable for payments, as there is no Google Pay on your smartphone.

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