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Rent a Car Jakarta Surabaya

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  • Rent a Car Jakarta Surabaya

    Hi! If you are interested to rent a car, please do not hesitate to contact me Wulan 0811 3113 4851.

    Why choose GLOBE RENT A CAR as your partner on the road?
    • Saving money a lot. You just need to prepare a certain little amount for monthly payment. No fluctuation of cost due to maintenance, unexpected repair, tax and vehicle license, insurance.
    • For the arrangement and hustle-bustle of maintenance, repair, and accident, GLOBE operational team and mechanic will be ready to assist.
    • Car replacement is available when the vehicle is repaired due to breakdown or accident ( most of the cases in Indonesia: you don’t hit others but you are hit by others / smaller vehicles )
    • The vehicle has been covered by insurance.
    • The rental fee can be included in company cost if the contract is under company name.
    • The VAT / PPN can be used as reduction of tax payment.
    • You don’t need to worry about resale value of the vehicle, just pay monthly cost as agreed.
    • You can rent the brand new vehicle for two years and then after that you can request another brand new type . So it will give positive impression and updated performance as well as for safety concern.
    Thank you!