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Wanted: Vw 181 thing

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  • Wanted: Vw 181 thing

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Jo and I live in Australia and have been searching for my dream car, a Volkswagen 181 Thing/ Safari. There isn't very much available in Australia so I have expanded my search to Bali where I have been told there are a lot more. I was just wondering if any of you guys could tell me if you know of someone who is selling a VW Safari and if they are open to selling internationally to Australia? And if not, do you know of anyone who would be willing to help me with the process of bringing one down here?

    It is my absolute dream car and I am very eager to get one to AUS. Thanks for all your help!


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    I don't know anyone selling one but a good place t start would


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      Thank you so much! The main issue is me not being able to go to Bali, so I was also looking for a buying/ exporting agent who could help me with the process. But I will definitely give that business a quick email and see


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        General listings:

        Specialist in antique cars (more likely to be able to help you):

        Disclaimer: I only got those links from doing a quick research in Indonesian on google and have no affiliation or even any knowledge in this type of car, let alone how to export one.
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          Gday Jo, heres my 2bobs worth....(from past vehicle imports)whatever you will buy the veedub for, please budget that much again to cover shipping,import costs including cleaning&storage & disposal of waste @The Port of Melbourne etc etc.There are shipping agents down there also that are honest&have connections in Bali (&other parts of Indonesia). The registration paperwork from Indo can take almost a year to be gathered by your Indo contact,so be patient...super patient. The last thing is to hop on the www because there is a MASSIVE VW festival coming up here in Yogyakarta real sooon&your wanted to buy advert can be passed around there !
          Good luck on your search to find a rattling, stinky, hot,cold, slow, unreliable Dub man. I got some weird&foolish toys too,so I can understand your dream perfectly
          .given a 1% chance to live changes a mans mind .


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            mate..............hava squiz @ jogjavwfestival coming in NOVEMBER
            .given a 1% chance to live changes a mans mind .