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Thread: Presidential Elections 2014

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    Default Presidential Elections 2014

    The nominees are starting to emerge for the 2014 Presidential Elections now. Not being here long enough to really have any kind of feel for what is going on, I do wonder a few things.

    Are any of these nominations actually qualified to be head of a nation?
    Is the campaign a routine of smiling, being seen, handing out some food, and making promises you most likely can't keep?
    Is being elected just being the winner of a popularity contest?
    Once elected, will the new President enter office and be so overwhelmed at being in something over their head that it returns to just status quo?
    Some love to milk Apostate.

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    Congrats, you have just described being in office in every country in the world!

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    I go vote just to keep the clowns out of the office and don't hope for more than that.

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