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Thread: Looking for townhouse rental / sale @ Jakarta Selatan nearby Pasar Minggu.

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    Post Looking for townhouse rental / sale @ Jakarta Selatan nearby Pasar Minggu.

    Re. Townhouse (Rumah bandar) at Jakarta Selatan nearby Pasar Minggu.
    What I am looking for is, a gated community town house sharing well facilities like pool and gym. a normal, two stories townhouse with 3 bedrooms with a maid room would be enough for me, my wife and our dog. For our dog, we prefer to stay in townhouse than apartment.
    If the monthly payment is higher than the target, we are considering to purchase it under the title of a company through normal installment process. In order to solicit this procurement, I hope you can demonstrate a clear answer regarding the second time.

    Re. Registered address

    There are rules for residential district / commercial district in most countries, what I am not certain is, if the said townhouse, being leased by my start-up, can be registered as my company address as well. In my country, it would increase, land value tax / house tax, but it's not being prohibited, though. I wonder if those are applied in Jakarta as well?

    You may contact us through [email protected],

    Thanks.Have a nice day

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    hi mr.jake
    i'm ready to help you
    check your emails
    thank you

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