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Thread: Looking for house maid

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    Default Looking for house maid

    ANy one has any recommendation for house maids? I need 2 . Please recommend , thank you

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    full time or part time? i know one who ight want to but only in the mornings as her daughter finishes school at 12. if youre interested let me know.

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    Default Bianca I need full time

    I would prefer stay in one . Thanks for the offer.

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    Default We Have a good maid, who is looking for a new job

    Experienced House Maid Looking For Job.
    We are moving overseas and our house maid is looking for a new job.

    Sulastri 33 year old, KTP number : XXXX.XXXX.XXXX.XXXX

    She has been working for us since April 2007 as Maid. She really good at taking care of the house and very honest person.

    Her English s fine.

    Since she has been with me, she has learnt a lot how to work in the kitchen and is able to make some Vietnamese food as well.

    Removed as she has a job now.

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    Default i think you can contact my ex nanny...

    she was very good and really clever... I don't know if she's able to cook but for sure she can do everything. In any case you can call me for more information or call her to see if she's available....

    I'm Stefano and my number is 081385452543
    my ex nanny is Yanti and her number is 08999742380

    ah! she speak a good English.... really don't ignore her... she's really great!!

    OK that's all


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    Default Looking for maid

    Hello there,

    I am interested in the above position, perhaps you can call me to find out more about my detail.

    I do speak English very fluently by the way.

    here is my number :081220298312

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.



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    Dear All Members,

    My name is Silvia, I'm 28 years old, moeslem, single and I live in Depok. I would like to offer you my service. I had my experience working with Indian family for almost a year and with arabian family for a year also, as a babbysitter. I speak English, little hindi and little arabic. About me, i'm a perfectionist type of person. For more information about me you can contact me to this number: 0813 1245 1826 or 021 965 28627 or mail me [email protected].



    Dear All Members

    I'm thanking you for all the calls I got from my add. on this site.
    Due to some question I got, I think I might need to classified more about my offer.

    I'm looking for a live-out job. And if possible in South Jakarta area, as I live in Depok. It will be efficient for my employer and my self also, if we live near by. I can come every day, work hours. Or if you want me to come once a week or twice a week, it will be fine with me.

    Before I used to work with Indian family. They were live in Apartment Kuningan Suite at that time. My job was to maintain the cleaning service jobs, as the building management had their own staff to do cleaning chores. I do laundry, ironing, grocery and they taught me to cook some Indian food. Well, I can't say I'm good at it, but I know some basic preparation to make it.

    I also had my experience working abroad in Dubai - UAE. I worked as a nanny. They have 5 children, two of them were at primary school that time. I maintain their needs for school, take a bath for them, preparing their clothes, their lunch box, I went with them to their school, sometimes I took them from school. Make sure they eat their lunch, doing their homework, play with them, prepare tea time, and the best part reading them story before bed. Oh, this is such a wonderful job.

    So,to answer some question from you. I have no experience taking care of infants. But I'm a fast learner. Can't say anything before i try first.

    Here are the numbers you might want to contact as my reference:
    Mr Deepak Mital Gupta: +9111 65704489
    Mr Ali Al Qassim: +971 501890435

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Eva Silvia
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    Can anyone tell me how much is a reasonable salary for a live-in maid? I am new in Indonesia and am looking for a maid too.

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    hi mr auntum052010...i need job part time maid for ironing and cleaning. i am muthia 33 years old. merried i heve 2 kids. i live in south jakrta. if u interested call me in 02195513363.

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