I've been dying for some good dim sum since we moved to Bandung a couple of weeks ago. We've passed the big sign in front of the restaurant, so decided to check it out for lunch.

It's a big place, with some patio seating out front, plus what appears to be a nonsmoking section inside, plus a smoking section in the back. I didn't poke my head back there, but it might be a beer garden or such.

We got separate menus, with a pork specialty menu. I was going to try something, but the majority were in the 110-150k price range.

The dim sum menu was very limited. Really only Hakou and Siumay were interesting to me. Pricing was 18k per portion of 4 pieces. I found the Hakou to be subpar. Pieces easily broke apart. They have a promo for 15% off right now, for dim sum. The Siumay was good, a little better than average.

We had some breaded squid rings. A bit tough, but tasted ok. 35k for about a half dozen pieces.

For the main course we had the chicken and mushroom soup, with pastry top. Came with fries and some steamed veggies. A good deal at 45k. Enjoyed the soup and fries, the veggies needed some seasoning. Had Es Putir, with coconut, ice and some little green thingies for dessert. 18k.

Service is 5%, tax is standard 10%.

An interesting place. Reasonable enough, but not the dim sum home I'd been looking for. I found the seats a bit uncomfortable, but otherwise, service and staff were fine.