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Thread: Vespa Sprint 1977 For Sale ASAP

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    Default Vespa Sprint 1977 For Sale ASAP

    Ok, I'm leaving Indonesia in a few weeks and I need to sell my Vespa. I was planning on sending it back to Europe in a container but the process is too time consuming/ expensive so I am pretty sad to be leaving it behind.

    I bought it in Jogja about a year ago then shipped it on the train to Jakarta a few months ago. In the past year I have done:

    New breaks (front and back)
    New suspension
    New seat
    New electrical (EVERY wire has been replaced because I was sick of having electrical problems)
    Rebuilt Engine
    New carburetor
    Rebuilt transmission
    New clutch
    New paint
    New cables (break, clutch, gears, etc)
    New Tires

    I would never go as far as saying that you won't have any problems with it, because with a Vespa from 77 that's a pretty bold statement, but I can say that it is reliable (for a vespa). It's probably not the best scooter to drive to work everyday in macet, but it's a lot of fun, quick, and great to drive on the weekends. I always serviced it at a shop called Vespaholic in Jogjakarta, then in Palmerah since I moved here. Whenever something breaks I have always repaired it the right way, no shortcuts with this one. It has the original headlight and speedometer (which works).

    Price is 5.5juta, and the Vespa is in Sudirman/Setiabudi. If you want to come check it out or test drive it just let me know and we can arrange something.


    I'll post some photos of it soon!

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    Just looked at the pictures, anyone looking for a Vespa Sprint this is an absolute bargain at 5.5jt.
    I paid 6jt for my sprint (Bali DK plates) 5 years ago.

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    with all that work done in the last year... at that price...... wish I had some spare cash laying around.... I'd snap it up

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    Still available? Let me talk to the hubs-- he's had his eye on a Vespa for a while...

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    Yes, it's still available, just send me a private message if you're interested.

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    Okay, lemmee talk to the husband. He's the one lusting after a Vespa.

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    Still available tyler?

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    The vespa is still available. I didn't sell in on time before I left Jakarta so I ended up leaving it at a friends house near Senayan. If anyone is interested just send me a message.

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    Sold???? Or not

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