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8 Destinations to go in 2019

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  • 8 Destinations to go in 2019

    Indonesia will never run out of destinations to offer, here is the list of 8 destinations to go in 2019 :

    1. Labengki
    Some says it is a miniature of Raja Ampat, located in Southeast Sulawesi. Closest Airport to go : Haluoleo Airport - Kendari

    2. Sombori
    Similar to Labengki, it also a miniature of Raja Ampat, located in Central Sulawesi. Closest Airport to go :?*Haluoleo Airport - Kendari

    3. Taka Bonerate
    It is the 3rd biggest atoll in the world and located in flores sea. It is under administration of Selayar Island District. Closest Airport to go :?*H. Aroeppala Airport - Flight from Hasanuddin Airport - Makassar.

    4.Gili Labak
    Gili means small island, this island has pristine white beach,close to Madura, East Java. Closest Airport : Juanda Airport - Surabaya

    5.Cendrawasih Bay
    It is the largest Natural Park in Southeast Asia located in the northwest of the Indonesian province of Papua and east of the province of West Papua. Closest Airport : MAF Airport - Nabire

    6. Mandeh
    It is Raja Ampat in the west of Indonesia but I will leave that all to you. Closest Airport : Minangkabau International Airport - Padang , West Sumatra

    7.17 Island Riung Marine Park
    Located in north of Bajawa, Flores, A Paradise for divers. Closest Airport : Ende - East Nusa Tenggara

    8. Private Islands
    To those of you looking for a secluded place, there are many islands developed as private islands, most of them are located in Riau Islands such Nikoi, Telunas, Cempedak?* etc.

    Have a great holiday..