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What makes you travel to Bali, Indonesia?

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  • What makes you travel to Bali, Indonesia?

    I went to Bali in '83 as a ten-year-old and remember Sanur as a fairly laid-back fishing village. Today, Bali has gourmet restaurants, pubs and clubs, fancy hotels and a range of adrenalin activities.

    Many people (Australians in particular) go to Bali because it's incredibly cheap - a can of beer from the supermarket will probably set you back 50c and you can grab a decent hotel for under $100 a night. A meal might cost less than $10 (depending on the type of restaurant). Hence, it's an ideal spot for a family vacation.

    Many don't realise Bali has it's share of dangers and 9 Australians have died in the past 12 months. Or, they aren't adventurous enough to realise countries like Vietnam are just as cheap.

    Unfortunately, a certain demographic have given Australians a bad name - these tattooed-bogans show no respect to the locals and ride around on motorbikes pissed, with no shoes or t-shirts. Most of these types hang-out in Kuta (which is why I'd go to Ubud). So, if you enjoy stumbling out of club at 3am, spewing on a local's scooter, and otherwise acting like a complete wanker, join the masses in Kuta.
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    I have heard a lot about this place. Hope next year I will go there with my family.
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      I last visited Ubud this past summer. It is more sedate than Kuta, but note, as well, that there seemed to be more foreigners in attendance than Indonesians. Its not a quiet little artist enclave any more. The quest for tourist dollars dominates and the place has traffic congestion rivaling DKI.