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Popular Myths of Lake Toba

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    Popular Myths of Lake Toba

    A Medan Lake Toba tour package can be much beneficial to enhance your vacation. You do not have to list what to do and where to go as well as what time needed to visit each place. Everything has been put together, so you just need to enjoy the trip.

    The Medan travel agent will be your best partner in planning the vacation trip. They have handled the transportation and accommodation as well. You do not need to worry about getting lost at a new place. Moreover, the multi-language speaking guide can save you from the confusion of not being able to talk with locals in English.

    So, do you want to know what Lake Toba actually look like? Are you wondering what makes it very popular among of tourists both domestic and foreign ones? Have you even ever heard about the popular myths about this volcanic lake? Well, it is time to book a Lake Toba Medan Tour Package and figure out what they are.

    Tourists must know these when visiting Lake Toba:

    • Excuse Me” is just to say
    Lake Toba was formed thousands of years ago by a big volcanic eruption. The old age can show how the lake became a silent witness of many good and bad events happening at its surroundings. There is even a mysterious cave hidden behind the valleys and winding paths. People believe it is still guarded by the ancestors’ spirits, so anyone passing by has to say “Santabi Oppung” or Excuse me while putting a lighted cigarette on the ground.

    • Taboo things
    It is important to stay behave and speak politely when visiting places because there are things considered taboos. We have to follow the existing rules by avoiding such things like acting immorally, hurting animals, throwing trash, not at the place, etc. There a story of a woman who seemed to be pulled into the lake by an invisible force and was drowned at Lake Toba after throwing trash into it. Your lake Toba tour agent will tell you more about the taboos that should not be done for your safety.

    • Three giant goldfish
    Locals clarify that they have seen 4-10 meters long of three goldfish living in the lake. The fish are believed to be related to a famous legend of Lake Toba where a young man married a female fish who transformed herself as human. Once the couple had a child, they disappeared during the formation of Lake Toba and turned into giant goldfish.

    • Sigale-gale doll
    Made from wood, the doll was actually made to cherish a Batak king who lost his son. But then it was used in a show or ritual to call a spirit, usually, the ancestors’, to enter Sigale-gale doll so it can dance itself. You will be able to see this mystical doll when taking Medan tour that includes Samosir Island visit.

    So, with many hidden and mysterious things could come up during the visit to Lake Toba, does not it mean you really need guiding service? It is the right time to contact Medan Advisor as they have prepared comprehensive tour packages with the 24-hour support system.