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  • Travel Tips to Jogja - by FRIENDSHO.ID

    Travel Tips to Jogja; there are some important things that should be considered for travelers to make an effective travelling. In case you have a low budget to travel, the travel tips below will help you to make a good and fun travelling, especially in Jogja.
    1. Make Sure that You Search A Cheap Lodging to Stay; The Cheapest Lodging in Jogja –
    There are a lot of choices of accommodation types you can find in Jogja. First, a homestay jogja: for family homestay, you can find a homestay with price starts from IDR 450.000. It is a low budget homestay with full vital facilities such as bed room, air conditioner, bath room, kitchen set, family room, living room, TV, and also carport. If you are lucky, you can also find a homestay with Wi-Fi and hot water in a low budget. Second, a room jogja; you can find a room with price starts from IDR 100.000. It is usually a standard room or a single room for backpacker or a single traveler. For information; the concept of room is different from hotel. It is actually homestay, but it rents per room with shared kitchen, living room, and also carport. Moreover, if you are looking for lodging to stay : homestay jogja or room jogja –.You can find many choices of homestays and rooms to stay during your travelling in Jogja and some others city such as Lampung, Bandung, Banyuwangi, Dieng, Semarang, and Malang. The list of homestays and rooms as follows.
    1. You Have to be Wise in Choosing Transportations to Travel
    Jogja has many tourist destinations to visit. Yet, unfortunately, not all tourist destinations can be passed by public transportation. To save the money, one of the travel tips is renting a motorcycle or car which is the price for motorcycle starts from IDR 50.000 per day (24 hours) and for car starts from IDR 175.000 per 12 hours and IDR 275.000 per day (24 hours). It is suited to the type of car brand or demand request. The list is as follows.
    1. Try A Local Culinary
    The next travel tip is anywhere you go for travelling always trying a local culinary. In Jogja, there are many famous local culinary which are recommended to taste. Angkringan is a place which provides a good taste of food with cheap price. The menu is unique such as nasi kucing, gorengan, and wedangan. It is recommended to try because you will know and more close to the local culture in Jogja. Another local culinary of Jogja is Gudheg, Gudheg is a favorite culinary which is very famous not only for local tourists, but also for foreign tourists. You can taste all those local culinary accompanied by beautiful scenery of Jogja, especially in a night. You can also enjoy your travelling while you save your money by trying a cheap culinary.
    1. Choose Your Best Travel Destinations
    The last travel tip is you have to make a list for your travel destinations to visit wisely. It is the most important thing because you will spend your money. Choose the best destinations which are suited with your budget.
    In Jogja, there are various interesting destinations to visit such as Keraton Jogjakarta Hadiningrat, Tamansari, Sentra Bakpia Pathok, and many more. All those destinations are very interesting place to travel with your loves one. To make easy in travelling, you can use a travel planner in Jogja, especially if you are travelling with big families. You will get a packet tour from trip planner or you can choose by request. It is the best to easy and fun travelling. Look the list of the travel destinations below.
    Those are the travel tips for a cheap travelling in Jogja. For additional information, you can also make a cheap shop by shopping in Malioboro Street. I hope it will be useful and make you more confident to travel to Jogja. Thank you and keeps travelling with