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Lake Toba, The Great Place and Story Behind That

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  • Lake Toba, The Great Place and Story Behind That

    Lake Toba is one of the awesome natural wonders of the world. This is a crater lake so enormous it has an island almost the size of Singapore in its centre. At over 1,145 square kilometers, and a depth of 450 meters, Lake Toba is actually more like an ocean. This is the largest lake in Southeast Asia and one of the deepest lakes in the world.

    Toba is a place to come and sit back, relax and absorb some beautiful pristine scenery. As you sit and take in the view of the picturesque mountains set against the cool clear lake, you will feel the worries of the world melt away. As the lake sits 900 meters above sea level there is a cooler climate here making a refreshing break from the heat, humidity and pollution of the city.

    It’s hard to imagine a more scenic place to come and enjoy hiking, swimming and sailing although once you arrive it might be difficult to resist the anesthetizing effects of the lake. The cool clear water coupled with the relaxed atmosphere and friendly people is what draws visitors from all over the world to Toba.

    Venture onto the island of Samosir in the middle of the lake and you will discover mountains steeped in cool mist, clear waterfalls to swim under and locals taking their water buffalo out in the fields.

    This is a place to come and enjoy the legendary Batak hospitality. Say cheers and enjoy some traditional palm wine with the locals. Sit and have coffee and chat with islanders keen to practice their English. Where-ever you go, it won't take long to make a new friend.

    On the main land, there is accommodation available in the town of Parapat. Parapat occupies a small, rocky peninsula jutting out into the lake. On the way down to Parapat from the hill town of Berastagi you will get some spectacular views as the lake first comes into sight and the road winds its way down the mountain closer to the shoreline. In Parapat live the Batak Toba and Batak Simalungun people who are known as a happy and easygoing people, famous for their lively and sentimental songs. Although the majority have embraced Christianity, ancient beliefs and traditions still persist.

    Perhaps most famous of the things to do at Lake Toba because of the accessibility, the ruins of an ancient Batak village along with stone chairs and head-chopping block can be found in the nearby village of Ambarita.

    The stone chairs were used for meetings by the local king, and both a torture stone and chopping block were once used for brutal executions.
    Ambarita is situated in Simanindo, Samosir Regency, North Sumatra. Located three miles northwest of Tuk-tuk along the main road. The stone chairs are not on the main road, ask in town about how to get there. Hiring a Batak “guide” inside the village is both entertaining and well worth the $1 -- prices are variable -- for learning about the cannibal rituals and Batak culture.

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    Great Place to visit


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      I've been there for couple days and I love the view, the lake and the fresh air.