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Most Unique Tourism Objects in Yogyakarta

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  • Most Unique Tourism Objects in Yogyakarta

    Hello, if you would like to get unique tourist actiites especially in Yogyakarta, you may try this tourism objects.

    1. Jomblang Cave
    Goa Jombang is located in Gunung Kidul. This cave has a vertical cave mouth to the distance between the lip of the cave with essentially varied. Most within approximately 80 m. It takes the ability to perform Single Rope Technique (SRT) to enter this cave. SRT is a standard technique used to wear down the vertical cave with a rope as a path that is used for the path up and down the vertical place.

    There are four paths that can be bypassed by nature explorers to enter the bottom of the cave. The first path is the easiest path is often called the VIP. This belt of 15m first pass through steep trajectory and could still trodden by foot. SRT complete equipment must be used to ensure the safety of explorers. The rest of the distance to the bottom of the cave can be reached by SRT, gliding with a rope as far as about 20 m. Meanwhile three other lanes terrain is more difficult because it must use the SRT from a height of 80 m (Line A), 60 m (Line B), 40 m (line C). For explorers who first entered the cave vertical, are required to use the VIP lines first. But for those who are used to enter the vertical cave, the height of the vertical cave is a challenge although still must consider the safety factor. This Jomblang cave diameter is 50 m,

    2. Pindul Cave
    Visiting Pindul Cave will lead you to a different sensation, across the river that flows inside the cave. on a tube with approximately 45-60 minutestrip , the river about 300 meters long. This activity is known as Cave Tubing Pindul.In the cave there will be very low lighting while feeling the chill of the water of the river. also there we will find ornaments cave like stalactite and stalagmite and rock crystal too whose age thousands of years, and in some parts of the roof of the cave there is a natural painting created by bats that live inside the Pindul

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