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Looking for local Indonesian guides for a new site

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  • Looking for local Indonesian guides for a new site

    [COLOR=#343434][FONT=Roboto]Hello there.[/FONT][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#343434][FONT=Roboto]Dan here from the Gunung Bagging website.[/FONT][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#343434][FONT=Roboto]I am currently building a new website which introduces tourists to local Indonesian guides. It is free to be listed as a guide, and I am looking for as many guides as possible, from Aceh to Papua, and for hiking, diving, cultural and city tours and much more.[/FONT][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#343434][FONT=Roboto]If you are interested in being listed, or know someone who might be, please use the form here.... [/FONT][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#343434][FONT=Roboto]I expect the website to be launched properly in February.[/FONT][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#343434][FONT=Roboto]Best wishes for now,[/FONT][/COLOR]


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    Most people are not aware of major attractions on their own turf. Compare it a bit with us not having visited the touristic places in our own areas since our childhood. (You think I would go to Volendam or the Atomium or Manneke Pis or the Keukenhof?)

    Many foreigners who live here, know these places much better than locals. Who visited Fatahillah probably once in SMP. And Taman Mini.
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      I can give info about the area around Surabaya if you need info maybe I can help ..
      I'm local from Surabaya.


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        Any update about your startup


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          I can guide to u for visited a locally tourism at java island, (west, central, east java).
          I'm ex driver,..
          If u need help, contact me at [email protected]