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Documents needed for Bali flight/holiday

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  • Documents needed for Bali flight/holiday


    I just booked my flight to Bali with the kids - last minute as Grandparents are coming out on short notice, so we are going on December 16th, from Jakarta.

    Problem: My kids' passports expire in November. I know they don't need them for local flights, but it's the only ID they have and I think we showed them last time.

    - With Airasia.
    - Jak. - Bali
    - 16th Dec. - 21st Dec.
    - Age 5 & 3 kids

    Any thoughts? Beginning to panic a little now...

    Sorry if this is asked before!

    Cheers in advance.

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    According to AirAsia website, a birth certificate is enough for domestic travel in Malaysia. Not sure about the rules in Indonesia, I would suggest calling AirAsia Indonesia directly. The only ID check for domestic is by the airline staff.


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      out of date passport is still considered as ID.

      You should have time to renew them before that.
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