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Hotel in Sentani, Papua

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  • Hotel in Sentani, Papua

    Does anybody know some hotel (if possible with email address and phone number) near Sentani Airport (NOT in Jayapura), papua. It is quite impossible to find it from here (Bali) Thanks a lot for your help

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    Jl. Kemiri Raya No. 282, Kel. Hinekombe
    Distrik Sentani, Jayapura, Papua - 99532, Indonesia
    Phone: (62-967) 592 420, Fax: (62-967) 592 430
    Mail : [email protected],
    "[FONT=palatino linotype]Recte Ferio"[/FONT]


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      Sentani Indah Hotel - It's very close to the airport
      Jl. Raya Hawai Sentani, Jayapura - 99352
      Phone : (62-967) 591900 ; Fax : (62-967) 592828


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        Traveler Hotel is quiet expensive one ( starts from Rp 900,000/night). Sentani Indah, takes time to reach airport ( around 20 minutes by car) and it's an old one. You can try Ratna Sentani Hotel ( Rasen Hotel). you could walk to airport if you want- only 10 minutes. The hotel also provide car to escort you to the airport. The Stardard B room costs Rp 230,000/night. Clean one. I left the phone number at my home, I'll write down later.


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          Ratna Sentani Hotel, +62-967 594455. Fax +62-967 594433. Hope it helps you


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            I'm watching the MotoGp in the Ratna right now. Must say I prefer the Rasen. Rasen has a fridge in the room and HBO. The wifi at the Rasen is terrible though. The Ratna wifi is much better.
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