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    On the to-do list, time-allowing, are Gunung Argopuro and Meru Betiri. I wouldn't mind climbing Raung again, and taking some snaps this time...


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      wow!!! I envy to you. you discover awesome... keep on rockin' dude!!! and if you are in BWI, please tell me. xD (if i am at bwi too)


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        Originally posted by zhukolicious View Post
        hi all!!

        have you guys ever heard about this place??? banyuwangi means fragrant water. It's located next to bali with its all virginity forest and beach and also the most beautiful volcano crater in southeast Asia, Kawah Ijen (Ijen Crater)

        you can visit this beautiful place, and of course you guys can continue your trip directly to Bali. that's so called beautiful through-pass. You visit Bali and you get 2B (Bali-banyuwangi).
        ifyou want some more information about this place, PM me!! i'll be gladly answering your question.

        p.s. I'm not tourist service or guide tour. I just give you some information about tourism from my hometown..

        can't wait for your messages!!
        Hi.. pm me your banyuwangi info, please. Thx 


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          I've never been to Banyuwangi, but I hope to be there, for you who have to go to Banyuwangi, do not forget to stop by the City of Malang, and Sewa Mobil di Malang
          SEWA MOBIL DI MALANG MURAH & RENTAL MOBIL kota Malang HARGA MURAH, Avanza, ELF / MiniBus, Innova, Telepon, 0341-531361 / 0812.3353.4466