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Looking for a Private Swimming Coach

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  • Looking for a Private Swimming Coach

    Hi All,

    I am looking for a private swimming coach who has experience teaching for adult women. I live in Jakarta Pusat and can use the swimming pool at the apartment where I live for the classes.

    If any of you know someone who teaches or if you are a swimming coach yourself, please do let me know!


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    As a good percentage of this Forum's members are foreigners , be informed that , except foreigners with KITAS/KITAP sponsored by Indonesian spouse/mother/father/brother/sister , foreigners in general are prohibited to do this kind of work , and people (Indonesians or foreigners) are also prohibited to hire foreigners in general for that . Penalties for non-complying are jail + fine .


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      Yes, of course. I am presuming there are a lot of Indonesians who read this forum as well and if this is of interest to them, they may reply.

      If a foreigner is interested in this kind of work, I would not like to hire them without the required legal work permit.



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        Here is a website that might be helpful for you: It's still in their beta, but their business is already running. I've been getting MuayThai and Yoga teachers from them to teach me at home. Been having great ones so far, should give it a try. It's a bit pricey however compared to going to gyms but considering the trainers need to be paid for the transport I guess its understandable. I got both my lessons for 1.75 jt for 5 sessions package and one free session due to a promo.


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          Hi i can teach u. cause i love swim in thw sea also. . but i was in surabaya. anw u can visit my instagram: alprish


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            Hello my name is dahlia. did you still looking swimming instructor? thank you