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Top Soccer School all over Jakarta!

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  • Top Soccer School all over Jakarta!

    Hello All!

    We run a soccer school, SuperSkills all over town. The new concept of 1vs1 has built top players over the last few years and we continue to do so consistently!

    What do we really do and how are we different?

    [COLOR=#000000][FONT=calibri][SIZE=4][COLOR=#e1a900]Our Job:[/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR=#000000]Our job is very special and takes expert knowledge to teach. We do not waste any time. Every minute in training counts. We are creating ‘masters of the ball’ in all ways. We skill each and every player up to the highest level imaginable. SuperSkills teaches the secrets to expert dribbling and complete ball mastery. We guarantee this. If a player follows this program to the specifications taught and recommended, they cannot help but succeed. We do something unique that no team, no club nor association is able to do. We are not teaching various positions nor most of the responsibilities of regular outdoor soccer training. That is the job of the soccer schools, teams and club coaches themselves. We don’t teach passing for a very simple reason; our players automatically become excellent passers of the ball as we play 1-v-1 extensively. All of the types of ‘shooting’ on the goals (cones) actually develops excellently during ‘live’ reality passing skills. We waste no time at all on unnecessary drills. Again, every minute counts during our 100 minute SuperSkills trainings. We will improve every player. We guarantee it. We love doing it.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000][FONT=calibri][SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff8000]Our Uniqueness:[/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR=#222222]SuperSkills[/COLOR] is unique and the only system in the world that uses this tested and proven methodology of creating expert dribblers. W[COLOR=#e32400][COLOR=#000000]e emulate the world’s currently most skilled[/COLOR] [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]p[/COLOR]layers like Lionel Messi, Ronaldo & Neymaras [COLOR=#000000]are our poster boys and the models for our skill ladder.[/COLOR] [COLOR=#000000]It took 7 years of testing and measuring to perfect this system and we constantly innovate to improve it. Our coaches spend at least a year in training as we are constantly training and testing them to determine if they are capable of instructing classes. We teach what the soccer schools, clubs and teams are unable to do. Our name says it all: ‘super’ skills which means above and beyond normal skill levels. We concentrate on this and every single player benefits tremendously. We strive to leave nobody behind in our entire organization. Every player is just as important as every other player. We welcome everybody who strives to be an excellent athlete, the best dribbler on their team, and a self-disciplined and enlightened individual. The amount of time that each youngster puts into his/her training using this system will multiply exponentially as we help develop and refine them into an excellent athletes. We guarantee this as well. We take joy in their progress and the relationships that we build with you and your family are here for a lifetime.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#000000]And this is one of the reasons why we promote and play the game of 1-v-1 soccer above anything else as our competition and our sport. Every 6 months we have our National 1-v-1 Tournaments for all SuperSkillers where they play in their respective age groups for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place medals. The first tournament was held in March 2011 and was so popular and successful that we continued the tradition continuously every 6 months without fail. Now is the perfect time to join our Dojos in order to get ready for the latest one which will be held on March 30th, 2014. It was our 6th national competition; it is a super cool tournament; and every player who enters the competition loves it.[/COLOR] It is great fun[COLOR=#000000]. And the 7th national tournament was on last Sunday, October 12th, 2014. Our 8th Tournament will be at Easter time 2015. That is just a short time away my best advice is to sign-up for a Dojo now and become prepared! You will be glad that you did.[/COLOR]

    For further details, you can visit us on (North Jakarta Branches-0819 0813 6990-Akash Nathani) & (South Jakarta Branches-0815 1160 7218-Dale Mulholland)

    Hope to see you guys for a FREE Trial!