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How can i receive AMERICAN SPORTS GAMES in Indonesia

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  • How can i receive AMERICAN SPORTS GAMES in Indonesia

    I just moved to Bali and now in search of ways to receive televised American Football and other US sports games. I am an Astro subscriber and I know I get can a few games each week on 'Goal TV' (even though I don't always know when they will appear and which teams are featured). I would like to see my favorite teams and not simply what ever games are televised. I am willing to purchase a satellite dish or what ever is required, but I could use some suggestions by anyone who has some knowledge in this area. Many thanks for any suggestions. Please reply to my email - [email protected]

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    Maybe a 7 or 8 meter sat dish to pickup some out of Manila (due to the huge US service men and expat population) other than that, good luck............
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      Not American sports, and not Manila, but similar problem, I organised a satelitte dish once before to pick up a signal for Australian TV a few years ago when they were not showing on all cable channels.

      I paid someone to do it (who knew how) and then never had to pay the monthly rents etc either. Cost about $500 at the time, including the dish. Sorry dont have said contact now, but it can be done...