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Javanese Tradition to Celebrate The Birth

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  • Javanese Tradition to Celebrate The Birth

    In welcoming the birth of baby Javanese citizens have a number of important ceremonies that are often carried out. These ceremonies have a purpose as a reflection of gratitude to the gifts given by God Almighty in the form of descent which is the hope of each parent.

    Aside from being a form of gratitude, a variety of Javanese traditional ceremonies to welcome the birth of a baby is usually also held as a form of prayer so that the baby and his family are always given health, compassion and welfare by the Almighty.

    Here are some traditional rituals performed during the birth of the baby, namely:

    1. Ritual Hoarding Ari-ari

    Ari-ari is medically a useful organ for channeling various nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the fetus in the stomach. Through the placenta calculated antibody substances, various hormones and nutrients are channeled so that the fetus has the ability to grow and develop into a baby.

    For javanese society ari-ari have "services" that tend to be big as baby batur (baby friend) since in the womb. Therefore since the main benefits of the placenta ends when the baby is born, this organ will remain treated and buried in such a way so as not to be digested by animals or to rot in landfills. This elderly divination ceremony is mostly done by the father, placed near the main door of the residence, installed a bamboo fence and lamp-shaped lighting in 35 days (selapan).

    2. Brokohan Event

    Brokohan is a traditional Javanese ceremony sabuah to welcome the birth of a baby that runs the day after the baby is born. The word Brokohan itself comes from the word barokah-an, which means mengaharap blessing and safety for the birth of a baby.

    In this event generally close neighbors and relatives will come together as evidence to be satisfied with the birth of a baby that can take place easily. Not a few neighbors who bring a variety of souvenirs like baby gear and food for families who give birth.

    3. Goal

    The market becomes a Javanese tradition ceremony which is done after five days since the birth of the baby. In the event the family invited the near neighbors and extended family to pray for the babies who have been born. Simple, simple events are commonly accompanied by kenduri, for those who have more assets usually do it like a person who has an intent (mantu). The core of this kind of habits is the ceremony salvation at the same time announcing the name of the baby who was born.

    4. Puputan ceremony

    Blowing ceremony accomplished when the umbilical cord attached to the baby's stomach has been broken. The implementation of this ceremony is usually in the form of merry pleading to God YME so that the child who has been pusut puser always blessed, given safety and health. Parents have never done bleeding ceremony with willing to share the kind of offerings, but the modern Javanese society is usually a puputan event made in line with the ceremony sepasaran or selapanan, it depends on when the umbilical cord broke from the baby's navel.

    5. Aqiqah worship

    The acculturation of Javanese-Islamic culture is really seen in the Aqiqah event. Events that run after the past seven days after the birth of this baby is generally done with the slaughter of sheep animal in the form of sheep. If a male-born infant commonly slaughters two goats, and if the child born is a female then it will slaughter 1 goat. To be more simple today people are able to get information about the price of aqiqah surabaya on google.

    6. Celebrating Celebration

    Selapanan done 35 days (selapan) after the birth of the baby. The ceremony is executed in sequence of weton bancakan (baby birth day), cutting of bald baby hair and baby nail clipping. Hair and nail penggutengan this has a purpose to protect the baby's health so that the scalp and hands baby remains clean. While the thanksgiving is intended as an expression of gratitude for the birth of a baby, as well as prayer so that later the baby is always blessed with health, soon to grow teenagers, and various other good prayers
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