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[Help] Finding a picture of laundry maid painting

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  • [Help] Finding a picture of laundry maid painting

    Hi guys,

    I've been searching a picture (yeah only the picture on the internet, not of the real painting) of a young maid washing/ironing/laundrying cloth.
    As far as I can remember the painting shows the back of a maid who stands and wears white-ish shirt, it doesn't fully show the face of the maid. It looks like something from the old (1700-1800's) Europe/Western times.

    I supposed it should be a famous painting, because it was in news last year. Alas, I forget the name and where to find it.
    It's certainly not the Degas' "Laundry Girls Ironing" painting.

    Geez, this is like "when you know the song but forget its title" thing.
    Do you guys have idea what painting it is? Where should I look for advice for this kind of stuff?
    Any suggestion is welcome, THANKS for all your help guys.

    It looks like this, but closer/zoomed-in perspective (only example):

    I am considering to print it and have it on my wall, if I can find a large enough copy of the painting.

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    found it.
    thread closed.