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    Hi there,

    I got my first proper motorcycle last year & have done a few solo trips. So far I've biked to Ujon Kulon, Purwakarta, Bandung & Bogor.I've noticed that biking is much more fun in company. So I'm asking to see if anyone is keen to go on some weekend trips out of Jakarta???

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    Jogjakarta in a week is great to explore by motorbike


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      hello matt! i just wanna u own the motorcycle or it is owned by "local indonesian"? i wanna buy an old vespa when i am there (start of 2018)


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        Hi matt!  Just read your post here.  I also have the same hobby of road tripping with motorcycle.  I agree with you its best to do it in company and i'm looking for company too.  You could pm me and meet afterwards. Let me know!


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          Hey... Whats up with all the numbers in my post?


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            If any of you guys would like to have an Enduro bike ride through the forest and don't mind the mud and eat local food in local 'kampung' houses, hit me up.

            Oh I live in Jakarta, and the places I go with my enduro bike is only couple of hours ride from Jakarta, but you'll be amazed how it is these places are so close with the capital city but yet some places doesn't have electricity yet.

            I've always do this trip every other weekend, and sometimes I take a backpack full of things that I could share with the people I found a long the way (way out of public roads, deep into the hills/forest).