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is golf a hobby?

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  • is golf a hobby?

    I've been living in Jakarta for 13 years. To be honest, this city is boring. There is rarely a concert (pop, jazz, etc). Nor there is a professional team sport. Basketball or soccer.

    So when I went to Senayan Istora, I was jogging and I saw a field where people hitting balls. It was about 10 years ago. Then I found out, they are hitting golf balls. It got my interest because the ball flew so far like 200 meters or more.

    I started looking for golf clubs and found a golf coach at Senayan driving range. To be honest, he did not do a good job because he kept offering to sell some old used golf clubs (which I did not bother to buy). Then I started learning from some golfers, they taught me how to swing a golf club.

    Until now, I have been playing for 10 years...... I also found a good store on tokopedia, the link is, to buy some new clubs. Also get fitted at . All the clubs are ready and I started playing golf seriously for a year now to lower my handicap......

    After my 10 years of playing golf, my impressions:
    1. is golf a hobby or a sport? it's both!!! the sport thing is about 40%, I mean you have to have a flexible body to swing a golf club. That's the sport aspect of the game. The hobby part? You keep learning how to swing better and better and better....... Rather than busy thinking how uncomfortable to live in Jakarta with all the traffic jams and the mass rally recently, it got you focus on something else. That's why I call it a hobby.

    2. the staffs at some golf courses are not professional. They use female caddies to attract men. Period. Those female caddies know nothing about golf. They are more a female hostess to accompany old men. There were some occasions where I pretended that I did not have a caddy and let them stand and do nothing. But if you are a real golfer, no caddy or with caddy does not bother you. Just keep playing golf.

    3. golf club is for rich people. Well it used to be and it's changing in some countries. In Indonesia, only government officials and entrepreneurs who play golf. The officials play golf because it's free and the office pays for the green fees. Entrepreneurs play golf because they want to have a business relationships with the officials. so are they real golfers? NO. because they play golf for other reasons. You play golf because you like golf courses and you like the game. There is no other reason to play golf. So I see some younger people (teenagers and people in the 30s) are starting to play golf and enjoy the game. I hope they do not give up easily for the sake of the future of golf.

    4. Golf clubs are expensive? yes.... the material to build them also expensive. They do not use cheap steels for the head. The use Carbon steel and titanium for the heads. Those two types of steels are expensive. So golf clubs are expensive not because the target market is for rich people. It's because the costs to build them are expensive.

    5. BTW, golf courses need to stop the bullshit that their target market is for rich consumers. If they want more customers, lower the green fees and be nice to the guests. Let the teens play golf. Rp. 1 million rupiah for each game is too expensive. Cut it about 40% off.....

    So if you want to pick up golf, there you go some feedbacks for you...... for me, I have been playing for 10 years, and I never get bored.....
    I would like to hear from other golfers in JAKARTA.