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    Heheh I've just about never got into the military stuff. I found that I know far more about survival, tactics, or anything else most of those Gung Ho types pretend to know by the way they dress.

    I even play paintball with shorts and t-shirts (with a cup) and appropriate face protection when the temperature is above 60 degrees.


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      Originally posted by Nimbus View Post
      Like everything in Indonesia it's who you know. If you're serious into Airsoft and join a team who has a colonel or a general's son in it, cops are gonna give you a wide berth. As far as I know if you participate in an organized event (with fees) the organizers will take care that the appropriate 'protection' funds are distributed.

      I'll be in JKT for the next couple of weeks, and I'll probably meet a high school buddy who's heavy into airsoft. If you're interested I'll see if he can hook you up.
      Agreed about the "who you know" deal. The team I've been playing with on Saturdays seems to have some connections to the Marines here (saw some photos on their page where they had some military person eating with them and playing with them). I think generally speaking, a foreigner is not at a significantly elevated risk of having his or her airsoft unit confiscated compared to a citizen, especially if they're playing with organized teams. Interestingly, they also had a foreign player play with them apparently, a USMC vet (saw this on the Mars Team kaskus page)

      @Nimbus: Hey Nimbus, would that offer be extended to me? O.O I wouldn't mind connecting with more airsofters, assuming your friend still plays?

      Originally posted by Nimbus View Post
      I understand.

      While I was really into the military theme, now I'm not much into it. Gizmos that shoot out stuff (especially if they go bang) still interest me very much, but I don't enjoy dressing up all tactical anymore. I dunno, this is probably because I have grown to dislike the paranoid militia special-forces-wannabes commonly found hanging around gun owner circles, who are itching for an excuse to shoot real people while being too weak, too fat or too cowardly to actually enlist into the military. It has gotten to the point where I consciously avoid 'tactical' branded clothing and look. Being armed doesn't make me one of 'them'.

      Rant over.
      The militia types are kinda scary yeah l-ol I mean I've never been to a gun range/club at the US, but that fascistic undertone seems to be present everywhere in similarly militia undertones.

      That air is definitely present in airsoft teams too sometimes l-o-ol I mean don't get me wrong, I love being "tacticool" and all milsim myself (I got myself a FAST helmet and a plate carrier with my PDR lol), but I'm pretty self-aware that its all just dress up. I'm the kind of guy that enjoys roleplaying in video games, so for me airsoft is just a gigantic LARP with a well balanced combat mechanic =P

      But yeah, as a pretty center left liberal and a big social justice guy, the rampant racism, sexism, homophobia, and tin foil hat aura of the militia types is definitely a big no no for me and my friends (hence why we're trying to build up a much-less-of-that-stuff airsoft community). I mean all those problems are widely available in Indonesia, but something about having airsoft gear seems to exacerbate those problems sometimes lol Mars seems okay though, the players that come seem pretty nerdy so I think that balances it out. I've found these guys rather interesting so I'm planning to play with them. As much as I despise weebo subculture (well not really, but it can be disturbing rofl), they seem to have quite a few female players, don't seem all too serious about it, and they seem to play competently. I contacted them a few days ago, they say they're pretty busy lately, but plan on holding open skirmishes soon, so I'm looking forward to that.

      Also managed to settle on a team name with the others, and got around to printing some patches (from Blok M rofl)

      Finches cause the Javanese Finch/Sparrow is the bird of the South Jakarta City =P (it was either the Fighting Finches or the Rumbling Rambutans, after the City's official fruit). We were going for a more sports team feel to it.

      The actual JAKSEL seal


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        Hi Derryl, I'll ask him if it's ok to share his contact info with you. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind.


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          Originally posted by Nimbus View Post
          Hi Derryl, I'll ask him if it's ok to share his contact info with you. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind.
          That'd be awesome thanks =)


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            I have been into long range woodsball and my gun is the Wrek Salvo Sniper. It is an easy to use to use marker, best for amateurs, but pros also love it.
            It’s heavy, at 6lbs but it saves you the hassle of having to hoist it on your shoulder all day by letting you use a metallic platform when shooting long range.
            Like any good long range paintball guns, this marker doesn’t affect your clarity when you use a mask to shield your face. This is because it has a riser that can support any type of optics.
            I upgraded the barrel to J&J ceramic barrel which drastically raised through its ultra smooth surface, while at the same time eliminating noise.
            Its large red tube red dot is the best I’ve seen, providing the largest field of view. It can be zoomed and adjusted for the perfect view and tracking anywhere.
            This has helped me in milsim airsoft and I love the high speed of the gas powered Stunt Studios 998 pistol.