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Anybody go cycling on the weekend - South Jakarta

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  • Anybody go cycling on the weekend - South Jakarta

    Looking for a cycling group - off road - for Sundays. I live in Jagakarsa area.


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    Hi, do you have a cycling group in jkt already? My husband is a biker and he is looking for a cycling group.


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      Assalamualaikum wr wb
      Hi my name is Tyo, we have a regular cycling thing going on every last friday in the month it name ICM (Indonesian Critical Mass) it doesn't have to be Fixed gear bike we Invited any bike to join the ride We Usually meet up at Taman Menteng at 19:00 Hrs, On time hopelly.
      If any of u wanna meet up with me before go to the Meet up point please do so...... or U all can go straight to those Park. U can't mised there a lot of Rider sit in the kerb. Dont be shy like a Puppy :P, go say hello to those rider we all good ppl though trust me expecially me Bwahahah.

      HP : 081372697564
      BB: 550B135F
      Google Map Cordinate ( just type these number to that thingie thing in GoogMap): -6.1961577, 106.8274263

      Soooo If Gentleman and Ladies want to join in please do....We probs going for a short ride to Monas, Sudirman, Mega Kuningan, G.O.R, Cikini or maybe Kota Tua. So yeah hopelly meet u all there yaa......


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        Try "pipa gas" in bsd in the weekend, it's been a while since I've been therefore don't know if still in use. Meeting place is warung