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Hi everyone ...i want to study Silat in West Java

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  • Hi everyone ...i want to study Silat in West Java

    Greetings everyone
    i'm a non-typical canadian man wanting to spend time in west java studying well traveled and portable and frugal and wanting to blend into local culture. Any advice about living with locals/renting a room etc. and generally getting by/ thanks

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    Lol. you want to learn Silat? maybe you want to be Bruce Lee.


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      hello Frank,
      i know one Silat course in Bandung.
      here's the information about it, hope it helps!
      Perguruan Seni Bela Diri dan Pencak Silat Badak PutihAlamat: Jl. Karang Tineung Dalam 47 – Bandung 40161. INDONESIA.
      Mobile Phone: +62 812 2362 288 (Bpk. Tateng Sugandar)
      e-mail address: [email protected]
      sumber :


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        Whoaarin[COLOR=#3e3e3e]! [/COLOR]your sharing webs, and number is really informative for me because of my cousin want to get study in INDONESIA. But she has no information in any site. I hope these sites and number help out of this situation. thanks for sharing this informative things here.


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          Believe it or not, go ahead study silat but avoid martial arts with tenaga dalam like Satria Nusantara, it makes you healthy and powerful but once you stop practicing it will break your body.