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    Picked up a new hobby recently - Pipe Smoking and bought myself a cute Block Meerschaum Pipe from Turkey and a pack of Cherry Flavoured Tobbaco to go with it. Now, the issue is that my tobaco is running out and though I know a place to buy in Jakarta, the vendor is expensive and has limited options.

    Is there anybody on this forum who has interests in Pipe Smoking and knows where to buy quality Pipe Smoking Tobbaco. Also, I wish to buy another Peterson's Smoking Pipe to add to my collection and experience the smoke. Is there any place in Jakarta where Pipe's are sold or any clubs as such, where people enjoy pipe smoking as an exclusive hobby ?

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    Not an expert at all but I saw a shop in Poins Square that sells shisha and some flavored tobacco to go with it. Maybe they have what you need?


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      Thanks El, let me try the shop. One thing is for sure though, there aint many people who like pipe smoking in Indonesia.


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        Pls see my Old Smoking Pipe collection at:



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          Well first of all when did you go to Turkey??

          There is a shop on the corner of Jalan Condet Raya selling sisha and other thing but not really sure about smoking pipe.


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            Pipe Smoking in Jakarta

            [SIZE=2]Hi Crusader!

            Well, you are quite lucky that pipe smoking had just begin to develop in Indonesia, in fact, the first Pipe Club in Indonesia roughly had been established 2 years ago. The club is called PTCI, stands for Pipe Tobacco Club Indonesia, where as myself is the member. Here is the link

            As for acquiring quality pipe tobacco in Indonesia is quite difficult, but luckily, through the club, we managed to have quite array of pipe as well as tobacco (Dunhill's, Erinmore, MacBaren, etc)

            PM sent to you so that we could corresponded further through email/phone, and hopefully lets have a puff together soon.
            @El_Goretto[COLOR=#3e3e3e], [/COLOR]abegal[COLOR=#3e3e3e], [/COLOR]PRose[COLOR=#3E3E3E] : you guys smoke pipe as well ?[/COLOR]


            PS : i also join an online pipe smoking forum at, my nickname : pufferissimo


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              Hey buddy, you mean when did I go to Turkey ? It was actually the same time when I bought my pipe from there


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                Thanks buddy, nice to know that people r picking up on pipe smoking in Indonesia too.

                Replied ur PM.


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                  Hey Crusader, thank you for replying.

                  You got my email, so just drop me a mail if you planned to have a puff!


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                    Hey Puffer, very soon buddy.

                    First time I noticed the ad of Meerschaum Pipes on top of this page on this site, but when I click it, nothing happens.

                    Mods ???


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                      Hello Puffers,
                      I am new to Jakarta and smoke a pipe, I am looking to find where can i purchase Borkum-Riff Tobacco,


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                        You are one of a rare breed in Jakarta, pipe tobacco is difficult to find as it is all imported and for some by "Western Standards" not always cheap and definitely by Indonesian tobacco prices extortionate, hence your "rare breed"

                        Smoking a pipe is therefore relatively expensive here with some good quality pipe tobaccos costing up to 200+ Rb for 50g. (compared to local hand rolling shag which retails at around 10 Rb).

                        After saying that I can if you wish put you in touch with a couple of "suppliers" via PM.

                        One is in Condet, Jakarta and he has limited supply but does carry Bokum Riff Cherry Cavendish along with a couple of others.

                        The other is in Bandung with a wider supply option, you will have to order via mail or sms if you are in Jakarta and transfer him funds in advance for your order, from my experience he is totally honest and your order will be processed the same or following day to be received within 24 hrs by JNE for around 10,000 Rp shipping cost.

                        You can also at your own risk import it yourself.

                        If you are still interested, post in reply and I'll PM you with details of supply as above,
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                          Dear All. I need information on where can I buy smoking pipe in Jakarta, any brand will do, but I prefer Peterson. Thank you very much for your time.


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                            my husband found some in Sarinah. We basically just stroll around and when we found a nice one, we'll buy it. He's not really a pipe smoker, he only smokes whatever he can except for weed since I can't stand the smell of it.


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                              The art of pipe smoking is one of the oldest forms of tobacco use. The pie remain a comforting method of smoking often overlooked by the modern smoker. Pipe smoking can be rewarding hobby for those with the patience to learn it. However, it is important to remember that pipe smoking is no safer for your health that smoking cigarettes.